My Feet are Wet, I Must be at the Beach

Xcp Streetnotes, a biennial academic/artist interface ezine has just released its new special edition, “Urban Feel”, edited by the inspirational Blagovesta Momchedjikova from NYU.

I’m honoured to have a piece included. My Feet are Wet, I Must be at the Beach was written in anger last year after a cumulation of news stories. It’s a reflection on the ways in which urban authorities use water as a tool for eliminating countercultures from the visible surfaces of cities.

The message of the piece, which begins

“They don’t build cities for the young. I don’t mean children. I mean that awkward age between helplessness and productivity.”

could be programmatic for the eight cuts projects – we are not interested in invading your space – we are not running away from you. We like it here. Doing our thing. Which, if you came to have a look rather than skimming over the surface, you might find is rather remarkable.

Make sure you read the whole collection – there are some remarkable pieces of writing about our urban spaces and surfaces, hidden and on show, and the incredible lives therein.

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