Philistine Press

I came across Philistine Press when I was asked to review Rob Sherman’s Valve Works for Pank Magazine (the cover of which you see here, designed and drawn by Sarah Ogilvie). Valve Works is very good, a great combinatinof art and poetry, and that quality is indicative of Philistine (a review of the genuinely superb Entertainment by Mr If to come shortly).

Philistine are everything I believe in in an alternative press (they are WAY to the left and exciting of indie).

  • a commitment to the very highest quality above anything else
  • FREE pdfs of all their works
  • a refusal to fit format or genres – what works for the book is what happens
  • great blogs, fantastic links, genuine passion and seriousness about the future of culture

Philistine has 10 works and counting. All free. All fantastic. Watch the authors. Watch the press.  Read the books.

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