Oh Good Grief!

The 3-storey chaotic alternative heaven that is Affleck’s in Manchester is the coolest place I’ve been in months. And buried away on the top floor was this place, Good Grief. It sells zines, hand-designed vinyl, and other DIY amazingness. It’s punkporntastic personified – if, er, a shop can personify anything. I apologise to the customer I roundly elbowed in the head because I was too busy looking at the zines 🙂

Limo Zine by Joakim Ojanen pic belongs to Good Grief

And it’s not just a shop, it’s an online store. Take a look around. Then come back next January and see if there’s not a few familiar eight cuts gallery titles on the shelves. here’s hoping – oh, and do click through muchly to convince them they REALLY want our stuff.

Meteor Ogre #4 by Keith G Herzik pic belongs to Good Grief

On a similar note, congrats to Year Zero’s own zine legend RJXP of love bunni press for his shout out from the forthcoming sf zinefest – those of you Stateside go see him and say hi!

Seven Generals of Deep River by D Qojak, from Love Bunni Press

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