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I love the Beat poets. I’ve even themed one of our Year Zero gigs around The Beat. But I really don’t likethe way a whole bunch of literary scenes have jumped on the Beat bandwagon in the attempt at being cool.

Which is why I LOVE The Beat, a website that’s about all that’s good in the Beat without the hipster gloss and pretension. It’s about amazing writing, and it has it. In spades.

The Beat Anthology, image pilfered from their site


There is even an anthology of incredible short stories, the cream of the crop of what is already a drop dead outstanding collection. You can order it, along with a host of fuck-off fantastic titles, from Blackheath Books, an artisan small press that make limited runs painstakingly out of the finest recycled materials. It’s high art meets zine aesthetic, and That. Makes. It. Fab.

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