Christopher Al-Aswad Prize: The longllist

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Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the shortlists for the Christopher Al-Aswad Prize and the eight cuts gallery literature prize. but there was such an incredible response to the prize in Chris’ memory that I ended up not only with many many amazing people and projects to choose from, but with a substantial longlist. It’s been wonderful just how willing people have been selflessly to push the work of others into the spotlight, and how many people there are out there doing simply amazing things in literature and the arts to break down barriers of all kinds.

It’s only right, in the spirit of the award, to give a shout out to those who made the longlist but for whom there sadly wasn’t room on the shortlist. PLEASE check out their sites. Every one of them is incredible. And if you get the chance to support them in any way, please do.

Jason Mott experimental fictioneer

Rebecca Woodhead using twitter to beat down the doors

Philistine Press making free acceptable and championing the astonishing

Kyle Cassidy championing the fantastic

MCM pioneer of live writing

Authors On Show making publishers sit up and notice

A R Hotel & Gallery the closest we have to The Chelsea 

There wasn’t a longlist for the literature award. I found drawing that up remarkably easy. I wonder if you’ll be surprised how conventional or unconventional it looks.

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