eight cuts gallery prize: shortlist

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As I mentioned the other day, literary prizes suck. SO very rarely do they celebrate the genuine treasures of the literary world, the ones we can’t place, the ones we often can’t find. Here at eight cuts gallery we are new, and we realise that whatever we do will have limited effetct on the great and the good. But if we can bring one more person to the amazing things out there, then this prize is worth it.

The eight cuts gallery prize is for the best piece of literature in the past year. That can mean whatever we want it to mean. That’s the point. As an explanatory note, I should say that our own books will be permanently excluded in the interests of fairness, as will works from Year Zero Writers, likewise. Otherwise they would of course have featured highly.

PLEASE VISIT THESE SITES, AND PLEASE SHARE with people who love brilliant literature.

Over the coming month I will give each nominee a post of their own before announcing the winner on October 1st. This isn’t a vote, but please read and share your thoughts and tell me, honestly, if the Booker nominees are “better”

By coincidence, Sam Jordison’s superb Not the Booker Prize series for the Guardian Books Blog has just started up again. Do go and join in the debate there.

The Thomas Stolperer blog – delicately interwoven modernist texts and weightless line-drawings that are all part of the same, impossible-to-pin-down story. Or maybe they stand alone. Mesmerising. And brilliant. And a sheer sentencecraft that’s unsurpassed.

Gupter Puncher – the exception to the Year Zero rule because I’m allowed exceptions, and this is not really linked with Year Zero. Postmodern reflections on life? Satirical ezine? Also a print zine, distributed for free across the globe.

Peirene Press – See, I don’t hate the “mainstream”. I hate that it fails to do things well. But Peirene is a sparkling exception. Stunning novellas in translation, presented with consummate care. It would have been easy to choose one of their books, such as Veronique Olmi’s shattering Beside the Sea. Easy but wrong, because however good the books, the Press itself Matters.

Mut@tus by Joan Barbara Simon – the only book on the list, but what a book. A rich, erotic, transgressive whirl through twenty-first century sexual mores and the world of fine art. Self-published and therefore ineligible for many major awards. Go figure that.

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7 Responses to eight cuts gallery prize: shortlist

  1. Sessha Batto says:

    excellent selections one and all Dan! It’s going to be hard to choose just one.

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