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Over September we’ll be running a more in depth look at the shortlists for the eight cuts gallery literature prize and the Chris Al-Aswad Prize. All these people and projects are amazing. Please, although you can get to know them here, get to know their sites, and bookmark them all.

The posts below appeared on The Thomas Stolperer Blog last month. It is reproduced with the blogger’s permission, and all copyright is his and his alone. Images courtesy of Spencer Brownstone Gallery.

It is impossible to explain the seamless mix of art and words that forms the Thomas Stolperer blog. nothing can do it justice, so just go and visit and lose yourself in its amazing world and infallible logic.

Enets, pt 1

“Sneak Peek: Titles of Drawings from 2010, including Drawings from the Anthony Bourdain Finnish Project”
-A bunch of fuckers standing there trying to figure out who they want to ram the most on the 1st day of their lockdown in a biosphere where, as part of the incentive, they were implanted with virtual reality chips for adjusting the appearance of the other people & the environment to suit their individual pleasures in an experiment where scientists are going to study psychological and sociological conditions for a case where 100 people or so would have to restart human life by themselves from some fallout bunker or spaceship or maybe even another planet

-The devil looking out the window in a different section of the time-location matrix, a dimension which has an axis that happens to cross an axis in the location-only component of the time-location dimension that we’re familiar with, the crossing of coordinates occurring somewhere inside what is at the time of this drawing a container store, and marking a point between the 2 dimensions which, though this has never happened, if touched by a unit while that unit is consumed in unproductive misery due to a perceived problem stemming from either an underestimation of others’ roles or overestimation of its own role in any accomplishment-like event or state (thus the possibility restricted to humans, quite likely other animals, and very likely computer systems in the future), would cause that unit to be, depending on its belief patterns, either flipped into that other dimension to be the object of metaphysical justice, or else sucked in and mangled at the intersection point by a set of foreign physical situations or states and then spit out into one or the other, or both dimensions as a pile of scrap or completely decomposed into molecules and dispersed into its surroundings as compositionally non-existent

-Down-trodden young woman looking out the window


-Shroom-goggle view of John Edwards Tea Party Sex Fantasy 3-Way Daisy Chain with Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin, where he’s going down on Coulter and Coulter’s licking Palin and Palin’s blowing Edwards, but they stop and change directions every once in awhile

-Some god damned fuckers

-Some fucker, the bottom half of whose face and head and by analogy everything around it is, with the exception of a few interpersonal memories left over as insoluble burdens on expressive freedom, relative to his contemporary world fairly light and forthcoming and signals an instinctive disinterest in unnecessary & therefore misleading emotional communication, and the top half of whose face and head and by analogy everything around it is, aside from a few existentially complete reflections, relatively dark and opaque, reveals an innate thorough comprehension of tragedy, and hints at a perpetual emotional intention that isn’t completely honest, a fascinating & non-trivial but uneventful “balance” in the strictly quantitative sense of the word, a sense recently extended in an intellectually careless manner to a “balance” of a different meaning, usually used loosely in philosophical or spiritual contexts, apparently a translation misnomer and lexical shift developed via incorrect analogy and misinterpretation by a few inane generations — as if a one would feel better when sickness or pain somehow quantitatively equals healthiness or comfort within their organism, or as if purported bad and good literally need to be exactly the same spiritual sizes to run a respectable purported metaphysical world — but in the context of a rectified version of this latter meaning of “balance” (likely rectifiable in large part by restoring and then emphasizing “interdependency” as a primary semantic factor of the lexical compound) quantitatively trivial (50/50 is as subjective and random as any other possible contextually ideal proportion in the world of the so-called non-quantitative “balance”) — so, a trivial situation in this latter sense of the word, but in this particular case not uneventful, because, the quantitative sense of the word set aside, the human traits and their relative proportions and their distribution within this particular fucker’s head as described above just happen to be, as per the properties of biological, geological and maybe also possibly-existing metaphysical states, the makeup of a personal system easily capable under suitable conditions of simultaneously generating in others a euphoric but usually unsustainable faith-like sentiment via an emanation of support, and of facilitating vicious resentment and violent scapegoat situations at a society level via persistently assertive, illusively convincing, expressive, and (not fully consciously) emotionally-self-defensive protectionist affiliation and rhetoric

-Strangers at the Nyquil Party

-12,000 reasons for not playing 5-card ‘follow the bitch’ with Fred Grandy

-2 Elvis impersonators and a surrealistic figure going to church after a heavy snowfall

-2 naked women with naturally-occurring outlined stripes on their bodies taking a bath

-Webcam girl adjusting her monitor just before she starts ramming herself on camera for free


TITLES FROM THE ANTHONY BOURDAIN FINNISH PROJECT: SCENES BASED ON READINGS OF “Kitchen Confidential: Mestarikokin Tunnustuksia” (Finnish translation of Kitchen Confidential” by Anthony Bourdain)

-Anthony and his brother when they got left in the car out in the parking lot while their parents when to eat in the fanciest restaurant in France

-Anthony & his wife carrying Christmas Tree wrapped in a blanket downstairs in his apartment building in the middle of the night to take it out to a dumpster area where there’s heroin pushers because he doesn’t want anyone to know his life has fallen so far that he still had his tree up in June

-Anthony and some co-workers at the Dreadnaught looking through a vent opening watching the head chef out back behind the restaurant ramming the bride that just came into the restaurant with her wedding party on some boats from across the bay, and he’s ramming her from behind with his apron up on her back while she’s bent over some trash bin

-Anthony and some other fucker that he got sent to Japan to work with who took him out to some exclusive, to travelers little-known restaurant one night that they had to wind through lots of streets and some seedy area to get to, and they’re at the sushi bar and the chef keeps trying new exotic delicacies on them one after another and they keep asking for more, and he can’t believe they can keep eating such an ass load without getting grossed out

-Anthony and some other fucking cooks that work at restaurants right on the bay at Provincetown carrying buckets out front to get some catch of the day and some fish to take home for grilling because they heard someone yell that an ass load of juova-bass had just swam up and got stuck near the edge of the water

-Anthony going for it trying his first oyster while his family looks on in disbelief in their relatives’ oyster boat off the north coast of France

-Anthony at job interview with owner of famous NYC steakhouse where after having felt that the whole thing was going great he’s now having trouble with the question “what do you know about me?” and his mind is running rapidly through potential elaborate angles he could use to fudge the answer because he didn’t prepare for this question before the interview and after some rationalization he ends up telling the truth and says “nothing”, which he will assume a few minutes later cost him the job as his mind semiconsciously replays and intuitively reconstructs the conversation so that it’s clear to him before he leaves the restaurant that the question was “what do you know about meat?”

-Heavily distorted impressionistic scene of Anthony and I think Dmitri and some other fuckers he worked with at Manhattan restaurants the next morning after they got wasted all night on booze & drugs while closing down the kitchen & then took a train to Long Island and now they’re getting fucked up some more at a beach before they go back to work their shift in the restaurant later today

-Tyrone the head chef at Dreadnaught screaming at Anthony for being a pussy and showing him all the blisters on his hand while everyone in the kitchen suddenly froze and went silent after Anthony asked if there was any hand lotion, I think or maybe oven mittens but I think it was hand lotion during a mad busy rush in the kitchen at one of his early jobs in Provincetown

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