The Fiction Project

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Welcome to the second of our Chris Al-Aswad Prize shortlisters.

I was first put onto The Fiction Project on twitter by the wonderful Cameron Chapman.
The Fiction Project was put together by the Brooklyn Art Library and the Art House Co-op. The idea was simple. For the price of a notebook, participants received a Moleskine notebook and a general theme suggestion. Provided the content was more than half written, people could interpret the brief and fill the book anyway they pleased.
The work, which came in from 778 participants, appeared in an exhibition at the Brooklyn Art Library, after which it was placed be on the shelves of the Brooklyn Art Library in perpetuity.
There are some fantastic projects based around the Moleskine, such as the incredible Skineart, but The Fiction Project stands out for the way it has brought public participation art and a big public institution together and created in each fascinating windows onto the other.
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