Decoding Static

Tom McCarthy’s C has made strange signals and subconscious messages very du jour (although McCarthy handled the topic better himself in his earlier Men In Space, and Rivka Galchen did a superlative job of it in Atmospheric Disturbances).

But Andy Harrod’s blog Decoding Static was going a long time before all this became trendy and contains some truly mindblowing literature, such as this post, Patterns at Play. He states a fascination with our choices and responsibility for them, and the slow drip drip these have on our minds, as he expresses in the piece Love Letters to Mind, from which the below is taken

What I love about his work is the way it deals with how the mind decodes information, from any and all the sources from which it comes, and somehow from that forms that really slippery, weird thing we call our “self”.

Andy’s work has featured on the super cool Underground Resistance, and he’s a seriously talented photographer.

Oh, and he’s also doing the Great North Run for Mind.

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