An Announcement

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eight cuts gallery press will be publishing the first work by Penny Goring, collected pieces, in 2011.

Anyone who doesn’t know just how exciting this is, please go here and here.

And you can download a pdf of her fantastic Bone Dust Disco here, FREE


Lips limping, lone squinting, finger aching, mood swinging, fanny itching, ciggy sagging, greasy greying, godless braying, mirror pouting, tether shredding, fickle mourning, art sick, dumb


daddy pornstar
dolly motion
sugar widow
clock stop

storm fruit
panic cell
blossom bitch
blood show

ghost tourist
devil scammer
fibbing driver
knife buzz

hip flask
bigger bijoux
mercy fucker
bag bird

labia floribundus:
flowers from my tongue

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8 Responses to An Announcement

  1. alisonwells says:

    Marvellous news! I am in the queue. Well done Penny x

  2. This is so excellent – I am such a fan of Penny’s work. Congrats!

  3. Juliette says:

    I’m next in the queue…and please sign my copy, fantastic news Penny, you are a true genius xx

  4. Jonathan Goring says:

    Wow blooming marvelous! Congrats Pen xx

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