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#amwriting is a hashtag on twitter that brings together tousands of writers on twitter into a sharing, supportive, creative community. Its highly informal origins have grown, thanks to the passion, tirelessness, and selflessness of Johanna Harness, into a flourishing creative community.

At last count, more than 2000 twitter members were using the #amwriting hashtag as a way of finding each other and sharing in the community. You can read what Johanna has to say about the community’s origins here.

But #amwriting goes way beyond twitter. There is an amwriters website, where, in rather the same manner of collaboration as Escape Into Life, Johanna adds writers’ profiles. So far there are almost 200 writers showcased there. If you are not there, do go and join the community (there are FAQs here).

There is even an amwriters store on Amazon, with links to books by the community’s members.

Let me finish with the following quotation from Johanna’s statement of the community’s philosophy. It’s a wonderful statement of wonderful ideals.

The primary vision for this directory flows from the goals of #amwriting: to support an inclusive community of writers on twitter.  If you post to #amwriting, you are welcome to submit a bio to the directory.  I don’t care if you write fiction or non-fiction, if you’re pre-published or published, if you’re traditionally or independently published, If you’re non-agented or agented, if you’re a blogger or a novelist or a reporter or a business writer.  *Pausing here to gasp for air*  I don’t care what you write or how you write it. I don’t care if you’re a planner or a pantster. I don’t care how much formal education you’ve completed. I don’t care how old you are or how long you’ve been writing, if you’re a newbie or a sage.  You don’t have to prove your credentials to be included.  You do, however, have to show up and write alongside other writers on twitter.  You have to say, “Here I am. I’m writing too.”  And we say “welcome.”  That’s all there is.  It’s what we do.

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17 Responses to #Amwriting

  1. Thanks so much for the promotion of the #amwriting tag! The more people know about it, the richer the community becomes. It’s an honor to be short-listed with the others here and this is a wonderful thing you’ve started. Thank you.

  2. JLKnox says:

    I’m inspired. I need a good kick to get writing again. #amwriting cheers!

  3. Amanda Socci says:

    Kudos to Johanna Harness. I’ve known about her #amwriting Twitter hashtag for some time now and thoroughly agree with the assessment that Johnanna is selfless and caring in her creation of this online writers group. Every morning that I log on to Twitter, I never fail to see Johnanna’s hastag filling my Twitter timeline with very simple words – if you are writing, connect with us here, as she provides a straightforward link for more information. It is quite easy to create a hashtag, but quite difficult to sustain it and build upon it and have devoted followers come back and participate. Kudos to Johanna’s committment to creating a friendly all-inclusive environment for writers to get together virtually.

  4. K.M. Walton says:

    What an interesting history of a hashtag I use often. Thank you to Johanna for starting it!!

  5. judith says:

    #amwriting people are great. all so different but with one common goal… write! I love reading and participating.

  6. … and #amwriting writers also tend to say “You can do it” which I’ve found helpful and have said. Thanks, Johanna.

  7. Kristina says:

    What a wonderful write-up of the #amwriting community. Always a joy to “hear” Joanna’s voice encouraging us in our writing endeavors!

  8. Jen Bee says:

    Whoo-hoo! We’re famous!

    Is lovely to read such good things said about such good things. There is, however, one teeny, wincy, little drawback: it can be very distracting… =)

  9. danholloway says:

    I’ve spoken to a lot of people about #amwriting in the past couple of months having been, I have to confess, far too unaware of the history and community behind the hashtag, and everyone I’ve spoken to has shared the warmth displayed here for what has been achieved. The sense of genuine community is wonderful.

  10. jsmedia says:

    Johanna Harness has created a wonderful online community for writers all over the world. I am “meeting” and following writers in the US, Japan, Denmark, the UK. Writing is a very solitary act, and it’s a joy to know that someone, somewhere out there is writing, too, and we’re not alone in our love of words, story and the desire to bring our charcters to life. It’s a joy to be part of the #amwriting community and website. Many thanks to Johanna, the writers who pariticipate, and others who follow this group.

  11. Judy says:

    oops, was logged in as my other hat JS Media. The above comment was by writer Judy Sandra.

  12. KjM says:

    The #amwriting community continues to grow, partly due to Johanna’s commitment to her own writing. I once tweeted to her that she was an inspiration – and a scourge.

    She took it in good spirits.

    Thank you, Johanna, for the inspiration, and for the encouragement of your example. You deserve all the kudos you receive.

  13. Gifted as a writer, Johanna takes much of her spare time encouraging others. “Spare time” is a misleading term, though. She has extensive family obligations, for example, a variety of activities which require attention. Her dedication and discipline regarding her writing are an inspiration.

    #Amwriting is an integral part of so many writers’ lives now. One can pop in any time of the day or night and find a supportive soul, whether to commiserate or to cheer a victory. Johanna sets the bar pretty high on that score. She’s tireless, always having a moment to listen. The rest of us try to follow her example.

    Johanna and #amwriting are remarkable. It’s a delight to see them recognized here.

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  17. brianmoreland says:

    Johanna, thanks so much for creating the #Amwriting hashtag. What a wonderful gateway to connect with fellow writers. I love it!

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