And Other Stories

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We’ve already had a look at the wonderful Peirene Press, shortlisted for the eight cuts gallery literature prize. As proof that this really is the start of a golden age for literature in translation, the final shortlisted candidate for the Christopher Al-Aswad Prize is And Other Stories.

And Other Stories is the brainchild of Stefan Tobler, who describes its mission as:

– to publish great writing (from the UK and elsewhere) that adds something to contemporary world literature

– to bring people together socially to read / debate / work on fiction

– to help readers and writers to find out about foreign writers through our site/ events and by promoting literature from other independent publishers

This is great, but what makes And Other Stories so different is their business model. Registered as a Community Interest Company, anyone can get involved by subscribing from as little as £15, giving them a say in the books that get brought to an English-speaking audience for the first time. Which, for someone like me who’s constantly wondering why the latest Banana Yoshimoto is as yet unavailable, is fantastic.

Like Peirene, there is a direct involvement aspect to this project, bringing readers and authors together in original ways. And Other Stories hold a wonderful series of Oxford-based author evenings, the Jericho Sessions, introducing audiences to the original language authors, and often to the translators to give readers a real insight into the process of bringing them a great work in translation. Next up on September 29th is Lithuania’s Paulina Pukyte.

You can follow them on twitter and like them on Facebook.

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