Christopher Al-Aswad (re)Prize

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On Friday, we will be announcing the winner of the eight Christopher Al-Aswad Prize. The Christopher Al-Aswad Prize is awarded for outstanding contribution to breaking down barriers in literature and between literature and other arts. Chris Al-Aswad, who died in July 2010 aged just 31, was the genius behind Escape Into Life, a site that built thousands of artists and writers together into a community infused with his generosity, compassion, creativity and vision. It recognises individuals, projects, and organisations whose work to bring down barriers reflects his ideals. 

Take a moment to look back over the shortlisted candidates and give them all the support they richly deserve.


In more detail

#amwriting is a hashtag on twitter that brings together tousands of writers on twitter into a sharing, supportive, creative community. Its highly informal origins have grown, thanks to the passion, tirelessness, and selflessness of Johanna Harness, into a flourishing creative community.

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And Other Stories

In more detail

And Other Stories is a new way of publishing, collectively owned by its partners who buy in to get a say in all things editorial. Its purpose, to bring previously untranslated fiction to our shelves, is wonderful, and the enthusiasm with which it is executed through live readings is inspirational

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The Fiction Project

In more detail

Public participation is everywhere at the moment, but this is the very best of all. Art House Co-operative sent out a moleskine to everyone who signed up, to fill as they pleased provided they mixed art and words, and return, to form a permanent exhibit at the Brooklyn Library. 778 people took up the challenge, creating an incredible archive in perpetuity.

Hip Hop Gives Back

In more detail

Hip Hop Gives Back brings the hip hop community together, celebrating its culture, and giving back to the communities from which it sprung, empowering and changing them from within.

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Sabina England

In more detail

Sabina England is a writer, a playwright whose work has been performed on both side of the Atlantic, and a filmmaker behind the brilliant Velma Sabina YouTube show. She is also deaf, her videos entirely signed. She is also a Muslim. And a punk. All of which are integral to her work. She is an inspirational role model, but she is so much more than that.

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sad red earth

In more detail

sad red earth is a project set up by writer A Jay Adler, and photographer Julia Dean, who travel the States meticulously archiving a Native American culture in danger of being silenced and lost forever.

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7 Responses to Christopher Al-Aswad (re)Prize

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  2. #amwriting gets my vote. Yes, I know I don’t have a vote – but, hey, I have an opinion and I’m prepared to use it 🙂

    For me Johanna’s enterprise wins because of her open-handed, open-hearted and inclusive attitude to all her fellow writers. What a wonderful and extensive community she has created. The other short listers are all commendable but their reach and appeal just can’t quite match #amwriting.

    Me and my opinions are now retiring for the night.

    Oidhche Mhath, Good Night


  3. danholloway says:

    Thank you! Yes, I didn’t want to make this a popularity contest because that’s counter to what the award stands for, and the kind of people/projects I would be happy shortlisting are the kind who would be uncomfortable promoting themselves – they’re too busy doing things for other people. But I absolutely want to hear opinions – most of all, I’ve been amazed and delighted at the stories I’ve been told in relation to so many of these nominees both online and off.

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