Escape Into Life

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Tomorrow is the biggest day in eight cuts gallery’s existence. By a long chalk. And on the eve of the Chris Al-Aswad Prize announcement, it would be inconceivable to highlight anything except Escape Into Life, the site and community he built from nothing to 100,000 hits a month and 2,500 participants in just a year. Escape Into Life is a showcase for amazing artists and writers. It’s a community for them. It’s a whole world of creativity devoted to breaking down barriers wherever they exist.

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7 Responses to Escape Into Life

  1. Wow. I never knew about the Escape into Life site until you started this. It’s a revelation – what can be accomplished with on-line galleries. Thanks Dan!

  2. danholloway says:

    It certainly is – it’s an absolutely amazing achievement

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  4. Chris grew the site to well over 1000 artists and over 12,000 Twitter followers in a little over a year.

    He was a charismatic, inspiring man who is deeply missed. You can still follow his site, which we are actively maintaining, via RSS feed, on Facebook, Twitter and tumblr.

    We would greatly appreciate your doing so, to help keep his dream and legacy alive.

  5. Teia Pearson says:

    Thank you Dan so much for helping to keep Chris’s dream alive with this award of recognition. Escape into Life continues to inspire more and more unique visitors daily. In the month of September EIL grew to over 130,900 unique visitors and continues to keep on inspiring.

    Thank you everyone for your support!

    • danholloway says:

      it’s wonderful that the site is still growing. I hope that this award will run for years and years. I have met so many wonderful people in the past 2 months through the award. There is so much good going on out there, and Chris was a huge part of it. It’s so wonderful that you guys are keeing things going.

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