Grace Andreacchi

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Between now and the end of November, we will be running posts giving full details of all the contributors to Into the Desert. You can also download full exhibition and contributor notes here.

Grace Andreacchi

Grace’s exhibit can be found here.

You can find Grace’s website here

Grace also runs Andromache Books, a wonderful small press devoted to producing off-beat, beautiful volumes. I’ve blogged about them here.

Grace Andreacchi is an American-born novelist, poet and playwright. Works include the novels Scarabocchio and Poetry and Fear, Music for Glass Orchestra (Serpent’s Tail), Give My Heart Ease (New American Writing Award) and the chapbook Berlin Elegies. Her work appears in Horizon Review, The Literateur, Cabinet des Fées and many other fine places. Grace is also managing editor at Andromache Books and writes the literary blog AMAZING GRACE. She lives in London.

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