Kill Author

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There are lots of literary zines out there in cyberspace. We’ll probbaly tell you about quite  a lot of them here by the time we’re done. But all are not the same. We like the cut of some jibs better than others. And the jib of Kill Author is something we particularly like.


Which is why I like Kill Author’s Statement of Anonymity. And the fact their submission guidelines ask you not to submit a CV. Because the words matter. Nice.

The writing’s pretty good too. Each of their issues is named after a dead author who bears no relation to the content. It’s to do with Barthes. Whcih is good. Issue 10, subbing now, is Dylan Thomas. I can hear Marc Nash ruminating already on the bukake party possibilities of Under Milkwood.

Go on, give it a read. And then submit something.

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6 Responses to Kill Author

  1. We like this.
    Thank you.

  2. danholloway says:

    Thanks – we like you. We also have the feeling that we know you, but we’re not sure from where. I guess that’s the delight of the anonymous interweb. In the absence of information to the contrary I will assume you are one of Oli Johns’ online personas that split of and took on a life of their own. Or maybe he is one of yours.

  3. Oli who? No, we have never met him or been him or buried him under the floor.

  4. danholloway says:

    Ooh, I wonder who did it then? Oli runs and writes fictionalised film stars who’ve been possessd with the voice of dead philosophers who may be his anxiety-ridden alter ego. There’s also a zine version (now on issue 7, the Bill Murray issue) that’s left for free in coffee houses in Hong Kong, London, Oxford, Toronto and New York.

  5. darksatanicmills says:

    Hello Dan,

    I’ve been reading your blog and was a little perplexed by the ‘sell-out’ claim.

    All of my work is on small press publications, tiny runs on Blackheath Books of around 100. I have never made a penny from anything I’ve written.

    Ben’s new book is out on a small independent publisher in Yorkshire. Tony gets by from the novels he puts out in the US. But only just. Even on a mainstream publisher you get next to nothing. You’d be surprised. The average advance is around £5k. Not much at all, especially if you’ve spent 12 months flat-out writing it.

    Some writers, like Ross Raisin, signed such huge book deals, he got a £250k advance for God’s Own Country from Penguin. For me, that’s what I consider an insane amount of money. They could have put out 50 amazing novels by new writers – but the big publishers don’t give a shit about the little man.

    For me, at the very least, I’m happy to keep pushing my poems in the underground, because that’s where I belong. It does make me sad to read about your perceptions of The Brutalists though, after all – we’re cut from the same cloth, just writers struggling to make our living from pen and ink…



  6. danholloway says:

    This is the first time I’ve read this post in a long while and I have to say that paragraph I wrote (FYI everyone, I had a real dig at the Brutalists and made claims about selling out, as well as snarking about Lee Rourke) is the work of a total twonk. I’ve excised it because it should never have been written. I’ve had a chance to apologise to Lee in person, who’s since come and read for us in Oxford and shared a panel with me last night in fact.

    All I can say is I had some very unpleasant experiences of the hipster factions in London last autumn, got very worked up and tarred too many people with too many brushes. The upside has been that in the process of making amends I’ve got to meet and work with some great people. I’d love to extend a handshake of apology your way and invite you to come and headline a show for us in Oxford this October – I have a gig in blackwell’son the 18th and The Albion Beatnik on the 26th. I can afford to pay your coach fair but sadly nothing on top of that (except books). I can guarantee you a great night, though.

    Very best

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