Literary Death Match

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Literary Death Match is right at the forefront of the new wave of literary nights and salon-y things that include the likes of Bookslam and Book Club Boutique. We’re ambivalent about some of these shows because they can seem a little cliquey and cool, and there’s a whiff of planned debauchery that’s perilously close to that fakesterish middle between kitsch and grunge. On the other hand, they bring audiences to literature that might be a little slick for our taste but is still a long way from 3 for 2 fic. And that’s good.

And what’s particularly good is that Year Zero Writers (and eight cuts gallery press) are going to be performing (represented by, er, me) this Wednesday – that’s tomorrow. Full details are HERE. It’s at Concrete in Shoreditch. Do come along and wave a Year Zero/ eight cuts flag. I’ll be reading The Last Fluffer in La la Land.

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3 Responses to Literary Death Match

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  2. Gerry King says:

    Congratulations Dan Holloway – fabulous!!

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