Quenntis Ashby

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I met Quenntis on Authonomy, where you can read from his novel Tales Tell Tales, where I was impressed not just by his outstanding talent, but by his professional, and incredibly generous way of being.

You can read Quenntis’ Into the desert of breaking things without pause for concern here.

Born in 1976 in Durban, South Africa, I fell in love with the stage and the page during a Drama degree and the fall of Apartheid. After graduating in 1996, I discovered a love for Dance and joined the UCT Ballet School in Cape Town for a BMus in Classical Ballet. I danced for Cape Town City Ballet and then CATS; The Musical World Tour before retiring with an ankle injury. At present I teach English in Taiwan while writing every day. I’m working towards getting published, one word at a time.

Check out Quenntis’ blog and his poetry blog

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4 Responses to Quenntis Ashby

  1. he sounds really cool

  2. Quenntis says:

    Thanks for the spotlight and the exposure, Dan! And for the compliment, Sabina! It’s wonderful to connect with other artists on the diverging roads of creativity and inspiration and the incredibly hard work we all put into expressing our passion in whatever medium we see fit. That there’s an (awe)dience out there to marvel and critique and comment and be exposed to my (and our) work is fantabuloustic. I’m honored.

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