Joyce Chng

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You can read Joyce’s beautiful poem, Desert Mother, here.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Joyce through the Aspiring Mangaka and Writers Club, a wonderful site that showcases and introduces to each othert great storytellers and mangaka. She contributed her wonderful tale Kai Lin’s Tree to Free-e-day last year, and it’s a joy to work with her again.

Joyce Chng lives in Singapore, loves sf/f, reading, writing, cooking, gardening and assorted stuff. Her other short stories appear in sf/f publications such as Crossed Genres, Semaphore Magazine, Everyday Fiction, M-BRANE SF and Bards & Sages Quarterly. She is also interested in poetry and photography.

Joyce writes speculative fiction and has an urban fantasy book coming out next year.

You can catch up with Joyce on her blog, A Wolf’s Tale

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