Immaginacija – artisan stationery


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If there’s one thing writers love more than even their characters, it’s their stationery. There is no sensation quite like the feel of a virgin journal in one’s hand, the sheer combination of senses, all blended with the sense of possibility. So imagne my excitement when I discovered Immaginacija, an incredible artisan sationery outfit. As with many incredible people, I met Lucie, who runs Immaginacija, through Bright Young Things, a really fantastic arts network.

There’s a nascent etsy site where you can buy the amazing journal above.

Combining amazing materials and the highest quality finishing, check out the full panoply of marvellousness on flickr, look for updates on the blog, and follow on twitter. Go and look, ask about commissions if you really can’t find something perfect, and get yourself the perfect home for your new project.

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