Penny Goring

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You can see Penny’s contribution to Into the Desert here. It is also an honour to announce that Penny will be the third author to be published by eight cuts gallery press (full announcement here).
Penny Goring is a unique voice in modern literature. Her was featured in Chaosmos at the Liverpool Independents Biennial. It is a privilege to have her at Year Zero. Check out the amazing video of Temporary Passport by Ashleigh Nankivell.

Temporary Passport from ashleigh nankivell on Vimeo.

That’s Penny’s stunning voice. Live, Penny is utterly hypnotic. Here she is, live, reading her stunning Bone Dust Disco at Rough Trade East

Penny also lights up twitter

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4 Responses to Penny Goring

  1. Penny Goring says:

    My twitter lights are dim – I’m buried under a wobbling WIPple…. x

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  3. Cody James says:

    Penny is so incredible! I love her work so much!

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