Beer Cans of Birmingham

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OK, we love amazing photography, and we love the obscure, the weird, and the delightful, so this is just about heaven. Beer Cans of Birmingham is a calendar featuring 12 really rather excellent, poignant, and rather sad (oh, bugger it, quit the pretension, excellent yes but hell, they’re BEER CANS) pictures of just that, as taken by super-talented photographer and comic genius Elizabeth Tipping.

It’s yours here for £9.79 or here in a luxury version for £14.24. And if you don’t buy at least one person one of these for Christmas then you probably need to see a doctor.

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7 Responses to Beer Cans of Birmingham

  1. What? White Lightning? OH MY GOSH that Gorillaz song “White Light” suddenly makes a lot more sense! And so does the video!

    That’s a great photo, by the way. I have a habit of taking pictures of trash lying around, too.

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  3. Liz-Sheena says:

    By the way- not like you to mention Gorillaz!

  4. I thought White Lightning was a cider actually, but if they sell it in beer cans, it qualifies.

    I hope you sell loads of copies of this Liz, and here’s hoping you make enough money from it to finance your expenses for the next one: “Discarded Wine Bottles of Benidorm”, perhaps?

  5. danholloway says:

    now you’re opening a whole, er, “can” of worms. I know she’s sold at least one copy because I’ve bought one.

  6. Liz says:

    Thanks Dave and Dan!
    Still working on the Benidorm fund!

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