Lift off!!!

Hurrah! It’s launch day for the two best books of 2010, already picking up a string of great reviews. We hope you love them as much as we do. If you do, don’t forget to let people know!

Simply click the image above to buy The Dead beat by Cody James or Charcoal by Oli Johns, for just £6 +p&p

Or click

here to buy the ebook of The Dead Beat for $2.99

here to buy the ebook of Charcoal for $2.99

Read a sample and blurb of The Dead Beat here

“the dialog combines the exhausted humor of a night that never ends with the polish that a truly first rate writer brings” (read the full review by Marc Horne)

The Dead Beat is pitch-perfect in its portrayal of the frenetic aimlessness of restless minds for whom the most pressing issues are getting the laundry done and fretting over ‘trying to decide what to do…gives a voice to the dead-beat generation and, in juxtaposing abhorrent lifestyles with poignant introspection, evokes sympathy for the human tragedy that lies within its blackest heart.” (read the full review on Bookrambler)

The Dead Beat is darkly beautiful. Buy it. Read it. Read it again.” (read the full review on Decoding Static)

“Cody James is a brave and unique writer – the book fizzes and burns as it lights up the cold dark” (read the full review on Write Enough)

Read reviews, sample, and blurb of Charcoal here

“The most exciting, naive, honest, compassionate, self-indulgent writer writing today.”  Marc Horne (read full review here)

“This is glorious writing – Camus with added warmth and humanity and a dash of uncertainty…Johns is an incredibly talented writer – gifted not only with the required depth of insight and self-awareness that is vital for any artist but also with enough humility to be an excellent communicator.” Write Enough (read full review here)

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