Bearded Hobo

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OK, when Oli sent me the link to a fabulous site called, even more fabulously, Bearded Hobo, I thought maybe one of his alter egos had been moonlighting again but no, it’s real. Bearded Hobo do cool things like send their mates bearded hobo postcards like the one creator Rebecca Tillett is holding in this pic

to see what they’d do. What they did can be seen here.

Oh, and the thing with that top pic is they do zines. In a big way. And are involved with something very cool called the Paper Cuts Collective, which organises zine fairs around Brisbane. Very indie, very creative. Very fabulous.

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1 Response to Bearded Hobo

  1. ordinary Joe says:

    Yeah, some of the postcard shots are pretty creative…

    Don’t know much about them though, just saw their zine in a back street zine centre over here.

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