Andy Harrod

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Andy has a couple of entries to Into the Desert. Repeat Till Fade is below, whilst you can see his other work here.

Repeat Till Fade by Andy Harrod

As is a familiar refrain I first met Andy on twitter from where I fell in love with his brilliant Decoding Static blog. It’s one of the very best things on the web, and his recent series Rust is just mindblowing.

Here he is in his own words.

I write not out of desire to tell stories, but a need to understand.  I view myself more often than not as an outsider, who does not stop thinking about both the minutiae of existence, as well as the individual’s role on a global scale.  This has led me to examine the place of the individual in society and the responsibility we need to take for our existence and desired freedom.  The behaviours that result from such responsibility or the shrugging of it form the basis of much of my writing and art.  Creativity is at its most beautiful when it challenges; I want people to stop and think.
Decoding Static ( is where you’ll find me.  It is home to updates and snapshots of Deception, a novel about the struggle for the survival of the self.  You’ll also come across art, photography, music and book reviews and interviews and the occasional silliness in between my thoughts.

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2 Responses to Andy Harrod

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  2. Yeah, agreed. Andy’s blog is intelligent and thought provoking – well worth looking at. And his contributions to ‘Into the Desert’ are wonderful as well. Big thanks to eight cuts for bringing his writing to a wider audience – including me 🙂

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