Rachel Ducker

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We are very lucky to be holding our first “live at the O3” event, at Oxford’s O3 Gallery, against the perfect backdrop of the Metamorphosis exhibition from printmaker Rachel Owen and wire sculptor Rachel Ducker.

Bending wire into the spiked, twisted shapes of nature (the twisted heart at the mercy of its nature?), creating tree-like figures reminiscent of that Judderman ad, and trees that look half alive, as well as trees constructed from figures, Ducker’s brilliant work blurs the distinctions between animal and plant, natural and human construct, human and demonic. And as such it’s something we just love here at eight cuts gallery.

A subtle, breathtaking look at the dark core of our transient nature and the permanent aftershocks it leaves on the world. And as such, strangely reminiscent of Gunther Von Hagens’ plastination. Only hugely affordable. Take a look if you’re in Oxford before November 21st, or head to Ducker’s website for details of her next shows.

(all pics are from Rachel’s site and belong to her)

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  3. What beautiful sculptures!

  4. Dear Ms. Ducker,

    As founder of Made by Hands of Britain, I would like to introduce you to this new website project. We are very excited by this venture and feel passionately about promoting and championing the excellence that is British art and craftsmanship.

    “The Ultimate Resource for those who have the care, passion and dedication to produce things by hand that are unique in style and of the best quality… for those who aspire to and for those who seek them out.”

    I would like to be able to send you a more detailed overview and mission to give you greater insight into the ethos and aims of the site along with details of what Made by Hands of Britain intends to offer its members including an invitation to receive the first three months, subscription free.

    So whether you are either an established Handmade Producer, Service Provider, Workshop or Course Provider or a supplier to the Handmaking Industry, or indeed either still studying or newly qualified, I wonder whether you feel this project could be of benefit to you and your business and is something with which you would wish to be associated.

    In any event I welcome your comments. Feel free to contact me by any means.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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