Jerry Shawback

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Jerry Shawback is not just one of the nicest guys on twitter or the big wide interweb in general, tirelessly retweeting the very coolest culture, supporting artists selflessly. He’s also one of the best artists we know (note, the picture above is Jerry’s, 100% his copyright, appears here with his permission, and may not be reproduced). His use of colour is quite dazzling, and his use of light both subtle and captivating, but I also marvel at the fluidity and ease of his sketches, which seem to capture the spiritual skeleton that lurks beneath all our skins.
I’ve come to realise this is something I look for increasingly in art (see Rachel Ducker and Sarah Spencer) – and it’s because it amounts to the minute honesty that for me always characterises the best art.
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4 Responses to Jerry Shawback

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  2. Kath says:

    That is a wonderful portrait, so fluid and vibrant. I like it. A lot. Thanks for spotlighting a new (to me) artist.

  3. Ryan Cole says:

    Jerry’s work is stellar. It’s visual poetry.

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