Special Edition

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It seems odd talking about the special edition of The Dead Beat when we’ve almost sold out, but I wanted to share two things because they’re awesome.

This is Cody signing the books in the coffee shop I wrote about in the story The Things Me and Cody Talked About While She Was Bleeding Out. The book she’s signing is the one that was headed for the lovely Tee L Tyson, who received it this week, and has made a fantastic video about its arrival. So this is a shameless piece of fun. Have a watch.

And then go buy the book!! You can also now, we are chufflicated to announce, buy the book in person in London exclusively from Watkins Books in Cecil Court.

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3 Responses to Special Edition

  1. Tre MEN dous! I’m exhausted just watching. Very entertaining vlog.

    Lovely photo of Cody too. I like to think that’s my copy she’s signing 🙂

  2. Robb says:

    Tee’s vlog (every Friday) is great. This week’s blog reminded me that I’d read an excerpt from Dead Beat and was absolutely mesmerized by the story and the prose, and I need to get over and buy me a copy of my own so I can finish it. It’s the kind of writing I love to read and wish I could write.

    • danholloway says:

      Robb you don’t need to be in the UK to buy it. We have 3 special eds left – as well as the regular being orderable online.

      Anne, thank you – Tee is very much like you – one of the loveliest, most talented people around

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