Marc Nash

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As Karen Dash at OVADA Gallery, Oxford

You can see Marc Nash’s contribution to Into the Desert here.

It has been my pleasure to have collaborated with Marc Nash, author of the fabulous A,B & E, for well over a year at Year Zero Writers. Marc blogs here, where he contributes weekly to #fridayflash.

20 years in the counterculture working at Rough Trade Record Shop, now working in freedom of expression NGO world. I hope my books are more than just the sum of the above and more than the sum of their words according to the schemata atop the header. I used to be a playwright, but then started writing more for  dancers and physical theatre performers. I like a challenge and I like to move out of my comfort zone. Now I’m a novelist and am writing more ‘voice’ than I ever did as a playwright.

Have completed 4 novels and decided to self/indie/POD one myself. “A,B&E” is now out available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble (edited for typo ‘Nobel’ – can clearly see where my mind is reaching for), you can sample the opening.

“G” is probably unpublishable, delighting in tearing at the alphabet as it does and starring the human genome fielding the question of why we still procreate.

“Thresholds” is a book with a lot of words told in silence and is a manual for those parents stood uselessly at the threshold of their child’s bedroom door and wondering how best to cozen an invite inside.

“Not In My Name” is about home grown suicide bombers, internet grooming, identity theft and the paucity of protest outlets in democracies. ‘Politics’ is there no better word for killing the chances of publication than thee?

“Dream Diaries Of an Insomniac” is in progress and considers schizophrenia and the English language… It promises to be even more unpublishable than “G” as it looks to boil down the language into just a 2000 word lexicon. Of course I shall employ considerably many times more words in reducing it down to such a pith.

WORDS – my eyes wide shut journey through self-publishing

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  2. Penny Goring says:

    Great stuff! Fab photo … (cos I took it. Ha!) xx

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