Live at the O3

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Text in the City, O3 Gallery, Oxford Castle, Thursday December 2nd, 6-8pm

Joan Barbara Simon reads from Mut@tus

Last week we had our first ever “live at the O3” show at Oxford’s O3 Gallery, and it was absolutely fantastic.

Chris Graham gives a captivating performance of his Into the Desert piece What's Going On

A tie in with Into the Desert, we had readings from Chris Graham, Kimberly Menozzi, Joan Barbara Simon,

Venetia Welby reads from Palabra Feracori

and Venetia Welby, as well as music from the fabulous Christi Warner, and our very own in-house stationer, Lucie from immaginacija. All that,

This gives a great idea of the way the screen relates to the reader

and amazing film from Cody James, which introduced the night with the sound playing, and stayed on, muted, throughout the readings – as the venue, an amazing turret in Oxford Castle,

a wonderful warm crowd enjoys their free zine!

is on two levels, this meant you could position yourself so you could hear the reader but only see the film – which had some electrifying effects.

from Liz Tipping, photographer genius behind Beer Cans of Birmingham

It was an incredible night, and next Thursday we have show number 2, Text in the City, which takes our fascination with the urban landscape and pulls it in every direction. Christi and Lucie will be there as before, and we are thrilled to have readings from Larry Harrison, author of Glimpses of a Floating World, a heartbreaking hymn to the drug-sodden underbelly of 60s London, and Anna Hobson, poet and coordinator of Oxford Creative Writers. We’re delighted to say that we will also be featuring Larry’s film reflecting 60s London. You may be less thrilled to know that I’ll be reading too, my “Old Compton Street” poems, and the short story Solid. All of this plus open mic (sign up on entry), discounted books, a free zine for everyone, and the warmest atmosphere in Oxford, for £3.

The photos here from last week’s event, illustrating the fantastic venue and the great Metamorphosis exhibition from Rachel Ducker and Rachel Owen that gave us our backdrop, are all by Kimberly menozzi and her husband Alessandro

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5 Responses to Live at the O3

  1. Very good photos – it looks like an ideal venue – lots of character. The ‘zine’ shot looks as if it captures the atmosphere of the night.

    ‘Text in the City’ sounds very promising. (‘Text in the Crofting Township’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it – but then again…)

    btw I LOVE that sculpture

    • danholloway says:

      Rachel Ducker’s sculptures are just amazing. It’s a fantastic venue (and yes, the crowds in Oxford are always so warm) – I am so excited about the fairytale show there!

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