Stack Magazines

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this image of VNA magazine cover is from the Stack site


Have you ever thought it would be really great to try some new magazines. You know, the ones you always look at because they seem kind of interesting and indie but there are so many you wouldn’t know where to start so you just pick up your usual. Then Stack Magazines is absolutely perfect – and a fabulicious gift too. Take out a subscription and each month you get the latest edition at random plopped on your doorstep from a selection of the best, so you can, at last, try them all. There’s stuff with titles like Mule and Anorak. And other titles that offer absolutely no clue as to contents other than they’re probably a bit weird. Take a look at the full range here. Yet to offer Gupter Puncher, but we forgive them. And anyway, that’s free – and perhaps they’d like to send subscribers a free copy as well. Just an idea from your friendly eight cuts helpful as ever team.

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