Hipstocratic Beat Night

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Back in the balmy days of September I got to read in a fantastic Beat-inspired event at The Oxford in Kentish Town. It was a wonderful, warm night of nostalgia and slight irreverence. Organiser, the super-talented writer/filmmaker Roland Denning, author of The Beach Beneath the Pavement, is now taking the night to East London. Tomorrow, Thursday December 9th, doors open at 7 for a 7.30 kick-off at Toynbee Studios on Commercial Street.

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2 Responses to Hipstocratic Beat Night

  1. Thanks Dan!

    Here’s the trailer:

    It’s easy to get to – very near to Aldgate East tube

    (it’s Hipstocratic, not Hipstamatic, if you want to be pernickety. And who does?)

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