Prezzie time!

So what would we like to fill our stockings with if we can’t have Grayson Perry? Here’s some Christmas present typw things that tickle our fancy. AFTER, that is, you’ve bought Charcoal and The Dead Beat

Alternative Poetry

Poetry is the perfect stocking filler. 200 poems for just £10 comprising the complete Alternative Poetry collection form the amazing Michele Brenton. Joyous, clever, thought-provoking, occasionally heartbreaking, often hilarious, always humane.

Beer Cans of Birmingham

Everyone needs a calendar. At under a tenner for a brilliant idea, and 12 bloody amazing photographs, it should be this one


Stationery. Every writer’s perennial weakness. Lucie Forejtova makes the most exquisite, extraordinary hand designed, handbound journals at Moleskine prices. You can also pick them up from her at our eight cuts live shows at the O3 Gallery.

Lubin Tales

What would you most like to find under the Christmas tree? Let’s face it, it’s a book Selflessly avoiding plugging our own (because you have those already, right?), make it our book of the year, the perfect Winter Warmer, Gerry King’s Lubin Tales.

Art Residence Hotel

Want to make your 2011 staycation feel like you’ve transported yourselves to the heady creative hedonism of 19th Montmartre? Then a hotel in Brighton where every room is given over to an artist to paint, customise, generally have their wicked way with is about as perfect as you could possibly get.

Peirene Press

gift-wrapped books and the Peirene bag

Our favourite press, publishers of amazing novellas in translation. All 3 2010 books for £23 – that plus the 3 2011 books, gift-wrapped and with their fab bag for £45

Good Grief

Limo Zine by Joakim Ojanen pic belongs to Good Grief

If we had to choose just one thing we think every should be giving this Christmas, it would be zines. Based in Manchester’s ultra-fab Affleck’s and with an online wing, AND selling handmade vinyls, start your search here.


Can’t decide whether to give someone a zine or some art? Give them some ornaglyphs, beautiful pictures with dialogue that’s not quite dialogue, so you can build your own zine 

Anne Pigalle L’Amerotica

Anne Pigalle is everything that is important in culture right this second – genre-defying chanteuse/raconteuse/poet; sensual; live performer without equal; tapping the dark subconscious of our hedonistic urges. Everything we’re going to be doing at eight cuts gallery next year and before the rest of the literary world catches up, she’s already doing.

Charlotte Fantino

this is just $94

If you don’t need customised vintage corsetry then check your pulse, you may, as they say, have expired in the century these pieces hark back to. If you do, then this is the only place to find hedonistic fabric-rich fancies beyond your wildest dreams but not your pocket

Squid Ink Kollective

narwhal on a vespa $22

Every Christmas list should have T-shirts on it, and ever since I’ve been doing Christmas lists there’s only one T-shirt I’d put on them – Squid Ink Kollective use ethical materials and stuff like that but most of all they’re brilliant people doing fantastic stuff, and if someone doesn’t give them a medal soon for services to the portrayal of the narwahl in art it’s a travesty.

Load Up Your Kindles with:

Loisaida, Glimpses of a Floating World, Make a Move, Tokyo Zero

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