Artist Residence Hotel

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The Mel Sheppard Room, courtesy Artist Residence Hotel


We al need a break, and there’s no better place for a cultural getaway than Brighton (apparently. I’ll know more once I’ve actually got down there in May assuming there’s no freak snowstorm this time). And if you need a place to stay, this is it. The Artist Residence Hotel, a place where the rooms are given over to artists to do fantastic things and you get to sojourn amidst the results (damn, I’m going poetic – it’s like I’m there!).

image from Artist Residence

With amazing rooms like the Mel Sheppard one above, you might find it hard getting out. Not that that need be a problem if you stay in Andy McLynn’s Panorama Room (below)

Andy McLynn's Panorama Room image from Artist Residence

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1 Response to Artist Residence Hotel

  1. ordinary Joe says:

    There’s a similar thing in Ljubljana. Old military barracks turned into an artist commune by squatters, and a hostel with cells decorated by local artists. They welcome everyone in too, the good [me] and the bad [other people].

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