Load up your Kindles

It might be too late to take delivery of all those Christmas presents you ordered online, but it’s never too late to stock up an ereader for you and the ones you love. If you love the things we love, you’ll love these. After you’ve loaded up The Dead Beat and Charcoal, get your chops round 2010’s best (all the links are to Kindle, but you’ll find these in most ebook formats – just search the titles at Smashwords).

Loisaida by Marion Stein - our number one book for Kindle of 2010

Loisaida by Marion Stein $1.09

New York’s East Village. 1988. Sex, drugs, murder. Brilliant

(Back)Stabbed In Brooklyn by Lenox Parker $3.45

Another piece of masterful New York disillusion

Glimpses of a Floating World by Larry Harrison $3.43

An elegiac, heartbreaking account of the drug-doaked underbelly of 1960s London

Make a Move by Steve Gaskin $3.45

slacker thriller extraordinnaire

Concrete underground by Moxie Mezcal FREE

Pulp classic

This Unhappy Planet by Marc Horne $3.43

Surreal, ultra-black comedy set in New Age California

Tulagi Hotel by Heikki Hietala $3.43

WWII pilot Jack Maguire returns after the war to the Solomon Islands over which he had flown his missions

Evil UnLtd by Simon Forward $3.15

SF comedy with an evil twist

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3 Responses to Load up your Kindles

  1. Kath says:

    Thanks for the top tips! I’m reading Simon Forward’s Evil UnLtd at the moment and am thoroughly enjoying it. It’s witty, clever and fun. Next up are Charcoal and The Dead Beat and then… I’ll start checking out the rest of your suggestions.

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