Michele Brenton

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Michele Brenton was born and brought up in Swansea, South Wales and shares her birthdate and birthplace with the slightly more famous and considerably more dead poet – Dylan Thomas.

At the end of 2009 Michele rashly embarked on a mission to publish in twelve months a seven book paperback series of popular accessible poetry: Alternative Poetry Books – Yellow edition and Alternative Poetry Books – Pink edition are widely available as is the Blue edition. The Yellow edition actually reached number 31 in the UK Amazon Poetry Bestseller’s List in December 2009.

She would dearly love to be able to think of something interesting to put here – but the best way to find out about her is to read her stuff. It is short and has funny bits. Whereas this is only short.

She can be found in various places on the internet: poetry4fun.blog.co.uk , poems-2-share.blog.co.uk , banana.blog.co.uk , on http://www.twitter.com/banana_the_poet and on Facebook as Michele Poet

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