Authors for Japan

An incredible 150 items plus, including critiques and consultancies, massive boxes of books, signed copies and all sorts too lovely to list in full, is now on sale to the highest bidder at the fabulous Authors for Japan site. Just leave a bid in the comments for each item some time between now and Sunday night, with all proceeds going to the British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal.

I’m offering a signed edition of The Man Who Painted Agnieszka’s Shoes, the original cover art for the book (yes, I know I’m no Monet, but think of it as Fauvism. Or something), and free entry to all eight cuts gallery events for life (That’ll save you 4 quid on our show at Oxfringe for starters). JUST CLICK HERE TO BID (I’d dearly love not to be bidless!).

You can follow everything including newly added items on twitter using the #authorsforjapan hashtag

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2 Responses to Authors for Japan

  1. No danger of that. I’m betting it goes out of my range pretty quick. :/ 😀

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