Harbinger Asylum

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Like I have done with most of the creative people I love and respect most, I met Dustin Pickering by chance on the internet. Dustin is one of those tireless champions of great work who never get the recognition they deserve. So we wanted to give some recognition to him, and to his fabulous zine, Harbinger Asylum.

Harbinger Asylum has just celebrated issue two as a physical zine. It is a collection of poetry and articles that exhibit a sensitive angst about what it means to be an intellectual, introspective, other-regarding outsider in modern America. Some of the most powerful pieces (I can’t not mention the ever-amazing Sabina England) are religious. But like the politics, the religion we have in this edition, heart-on-sleevishly titled honesty, is not specific. It is not weighed down by particular polemics. It is more about religious sensibility. From what I know of Dustin, I sense his curatorial hand, his sensitivity and his search for an answer to what it means to be religious in today’s world without being Religious. The collection, as its title suggests, is a confession in the very truest sense.

Is there a stand-out piece in this stand-out collection? I don’t know, but I do know I’ve made a wonderful discovery in the angry, driving rhythms of Jennifer Rodriguez.

Try and get hold of one of these zines, and whatever you do, stop by the Harbinger Asylum site.

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1 Response to Harbinger Asylum

  1. Looking forward to clicking through to Harbinger Asylum – thanks for sharing your finds here…!

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