The Zoomiest Zoom

So you know The Zoom Zoom by Penny Goring is out on June 1st.

And we’ve teased you about the special edition.

Today I took delivery of the one-off from Lucie Forejtova of Immaginacija.

Made with unique paper covers, hand-dyed by Lucie, printed on acid-free paper an hand-stitched by Lucie, the 15 separate books come bound in a matching folio binder, hand-bound and covered in more hand-dyed paper. And signed by Penny at Stoke Newington Literary Festival.

This one-off work of art combining craft and the most exciting collection of shorts and poems of the 21st century is not cheap, at £120/$195 + shipping (free gift wrap from Lucie). But we think it is worth every single, er, Penny.

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