Charlie Atlantic

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One of the things we love to do at eight cuts gallery is work with musician, and today I want to introduce you to one of the finest. I first met Charlie Atlantic when his then band Inlight opened the bill for The Boxer Rebellion. I loved their sound and creative approach to music so much I included them in my book The Man Who Painted Agnieszka’s Shoes. I also sought Charlie out and interviewed him for The Indie Handbook.

I saw Inlight play many times after that, and when we had our first ever live gig at Year Zero Writers, at Rough Trade East, it was a no-brainer whom to ask to be the musical headline.

Charlie is now going it alone, and in August he launches his lost generation EP. Please go to his website and sample it. But after – or before – please go and read his “open letter to anyone who still likes music“.  It’s uncannily like our New Libertine Manifesto, which means, I hope, that you will not only head straight over there but that you will be seeing Charlie at several of our gigs. It’s not just his anti-corporate stance I like. What I like most is his anti-cynical stance, his anti-brutalism. That’s what New Libertinism is all about. Oh, and do go read what the wonderful Eric at The Indie Handbook has written about Charlie.

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