Grey Children

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I’ve known Dave Griffiths for several years. When I first met him he was the driving force behind the band Witches, and I always thought of him as a musician. About a year ago I started reading bits of his work in progress, whcih has become A Man In the Rain.

He’s now combined his two interests in the fantastic musical project Grey Children. You can catch the music act at Charlbury’s Riverside Festival on June 19th. On the Grey Children website you can listen not only to his music but to the first episode of A Man in the Rain, the audiobook,narrated by Matt Kirk and with music by Grey Children.

What’s particularly great about the Grey Children project is that Dave is using it as a means of raising awareness for Pure-O, a form of OCD that’s not talked about much (and nowhere near as much as it should be). Anything that raises awareness of mental health issues is fabulous. When the art behind it is as strong as this, it’s win all-round.

Find out more about Pure-O here.

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