Claire-Obscure Revisited

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I am reposting this for Memorial Day Weekend to coincide with a fantastic event on November Hill Press. Do go and visit this site to see details of how you can get free copies of Claire-Obscure and give free copies to to troops.

I’ve just heard that November Hill Press have extended their offer so that anyone who comments here will get a free copy of Claire-Obscure if they’re happy for me to pass their e-mail on to the publisher, and there will be an additional copy for each comment sent to troops.

Claire-Obscure is also now available to buy on Smashwords.

I’ve come across some real gems on Kindle, and Billie Hinton’s Claire-Obscure is one of the shiniest gems.

£2.14 for Kindle UK; $2.99 from

What drew me to the book was the most primordial thing – the power of an image (and the beautiful title with its evocative double meaning), a cover that evokes the opening of Belle de Jour, and Renoir’s painting Parapluies (my favourite in the whole world). I’m glad I was drawn because Billie Hinton is a wonderful writer, and Claire-Obscure a delightful, enigmatic masterpiece.

Here is the blurb:

Claire Caviness loves words and books. She wears vintage clothing and hides behind the camera lens and in the red light of her makeshift darkroom. She wants to be a writer but all she manages to write are letters to Virginia Woolf.

Lonely, unfulfilled, and envious of her best friend who has moved to Italy, Claire heads out to the same old club one night but takes a right turn out of her usual routine and meets Finn Weston, a mysterious and disturbed medical student who lures her into a folie a deux – a shared madness that forces Claire to look at the things she’s tried desperately to leave behind.

When Claire’s friend Lucy is found dead and Finn is implicated in the murder, Raoul Duras, a Delta Force operator with a penchant for rescuing prostitutes, offers a way out of the madness.

In a raw, edgy journey from trauma to restoration, Claire examines her deepest fears: grief for her distant mother and gay father, the awakening of her conflicted sexuality, and the darkness that pulls her to the intrigue and danger of two very different – and dangerous – men.

Her new book, Signs that Might be Omens, has just been released.

Check out the lovely November Hill Press, and find Billie on her website and blog.

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5 Responses to Claire-Obscure Revisited

  1. Thank you so much, Dan – I would LOVE to give away some copies to your readers – and that many more to the troops! I’ll check in over here regularly through Monday.

  2. James, just wanted to say thank you again for sponsoring me/claire – it’s day 3 of the blog tour and claire is now at #24-25 or so on the Smashwords’ bestseller list!

    And thus far I have given 84 free books to readers and that many more to troops.

  3. #2 in literary fiction! and many of the participants are seeing big spikes in ranking, so it’s a win all the way around.

  4. Late in the day here on Monday, May 30th, our Memorial Day in the US… and have so far given away 106 ebooks to commenters and that many more to troops.

    As a result of all the traffic, claire is now #1 in literary, #1 in suspense, #10 in fiction, and #13 overall!

    Thanks, Dan and Eight Cuts!

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