J S Watts

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Not only did the super JS Watts contribute to Once Upon a Time in a Gallery, she was one of the stars of the live launch for the show. And she has a new book out! Cats and Other Myths – do go and snaffle a copy online or from these stores.

J.S.Watts was born in West London, educated within sight of the BBC Television Centre and read English at Somerville College, Oxford. After a brief spell in the world of city finance she breathed a sigh of relief and joined the public sector, working in education for over twenty five years. She now lives and writes in Cambridgeshire, plays the French Horn (although not particularly well) and writes poetry, fiction and reviews which appear in a range of publications in Britain, Canada and the States including Acumen, Ascent Aspirations, Envoi, The Journal, Orbis, Polluto and Visionary Tongue and which have also been broadcast on BBC Radio. She is currently Poetry Reviews Editor for Open Wide Magazine and Poetry Editor for Ethereal Tales.

Her debut poetry collection “Cats and Other Myths” (ISBN 9781907276644) is due out from Lapwing Publications in March 2011. It is a collection that finds contemporary relevance in the echoes of myth and legend and the mythic in the day to day world around us. Given truths are questioned and examined and if this means that dearly held beliefs are seen as the fairy tales they are, then so be it. These are poems of history and humanity, love and relationships, life and death and assorted things in between. Oh, and yes, there are also cats. Further details can be found on her website at www.jswatts.co.uk and if you are interested in reserving a copy, email her at j.s.watts (at) btinternet (dot) com to receive price and payment details.

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