The New Libertines at Oxfringe

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Last Saturday The New Libertines played to a fabulous sell-out crowd at Stoke Newington Literary Festival. No, really, people had to be turned away, we were so full! You can sneak a peek at it on the video above, of Lucy Ayrton.

Federay absolutely killed it at Stoke Newington!

And on Monday June 13th at 6pm, we are doing it again at The fabulous Albion Beatnik Bookstore on Walton Street, Oxford, opposite the Big Bang.

Clare Waters will be part of our fabulous line-up

 And the best news of all is it’s going to be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE

And not only do we have the amazing likes of Clare, Lucy, Renee Sigel, Anna Hobson, Helen Smith, Federay Holmes and Marc Nash, we have MUSIC.

Susanna Starling at our event Lilith Burning at the Albion Beatnik in 2010

And not just from Albion darling, Susanna Starling. It’s a genuine honour to welcome on one of his very first solo gigs the former Inlight frontman and all around New Libertine, Charlie Atlantic

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2 Responses to The New Libertines at Oxfringe

  1. Jihad Punk says:

    amazing! Im glad to hear it was sold out 🙂
    wish I was there to see it all

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