Rising Stars!

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Wait a minute, what’s all this? Has eight cuts gallery sold out? Er, no. I have been invited to take part in a panel event at Oxford’s world famous Blackwell Bookstore, though. It’s on July 28th at 7pm. Diarise that date! It’s called Rising Stars, and I’ll be sitting alongside two old friends of eight cuts, Stuart Evers and Lee Rourke, who came and read for us at Exchange Trip, as well as the fantastic Naomi Wood, author of The Godless Boys. I was invited, I’m sure, as a result of my flirtation with the mainstream when The Company of Fellows became “favourite Oxford novel” in a Blackwell’s poll.

So will it be like an eight cuts gallery gig or will I sit there and read from The Company of Fellows and talk about my journey to the mainstream? Come along and see. But put it this way. No I haven’t sold out. I’ve come as close as I want to the mainstream. And now I want to go back where I belong and feel at home. And having a platform to talk about the fabulous world that readers deserve to know exists outside the same old same old is a rather exciting prospect.

Oh, and one more date to hold, talking of Blackwell’s. October 18th. This Is Oxford. The biggest eight cuts gallery show to date will feature the fabulous Anna Hobson, Lucy Ayrton, Sophia Satchell-Baeza and music from Dave Griffiths.

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2 Responses to Rising Stars!

  1. Wish I could come hear you read/talk! And as an American reader here, who loves the British way of spelling things and saying things, I have to say, I love the phrase “diarise that date” – I’m going to use it very soon. 🙂

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