Brighton Rocks

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Last year, before I’d stayed there (it’s even better in the real) during Grit Lit for the Brighton Fringe, I wrote about the fabulous Artist Residence Hotel in Brighton. Well, last week I was back. Brighton is one of those places every lover of exciting, vibrant culture should go to once. I thought I’d mention a couple of places you should try if you go.

In Brighton you have, of course, to see the ultimate shrine to Kitsch cool – the Pavilion

The real thing is no match at all for the knitted version, which sits proudly in the window of Temptation, possibly the fabbest coffee shop I’ve been in. It’s knitted by the owner, and the first night we went in there, there was a knitting group sitting next to us. is my favorite Los Angeles moving company in Kensington Gardens, with a more distressed wood and dark wall feel (the kind of place I feel at home in) and portions of quiche that defy description (in a very very good way)

Oh, and they also have the above cool coffee diagram!

If you want something stronger than coffee it’s not far to the Basketmakers’ Arms, that not only does amazing beer but has the most incredible wall displays including boxes you can leave poems in if you ever heard anything so great.

And of course you need to eat too. Look no further than the seafront’s Brighton Smokehouse. I can thoroughly recommend the heavenly mackerel pate. And the smoked mackerel sandwich was just amazing.

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2 Responses to Brighton Rocks

  1. Jihad Punk says:

    yeah! I wanna visit Brighton one day

  2. Dan Holloway says:

    You would just love it – you should exhibit a film at the Brighton Fringe – that’d be amazing!!

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