Nightmaring Spires

(We have a Facebook page now – do come and “like” us and say hi)We are delighted to announce a fantastic event on August 10th, at our spiritual home, the Albion Beatnik Bookstore on Walton Street, Oxford (opposite the Big Bang). Sign up on Facebook here.

What do we think of when we think of Oxford? Inspector Morse? Mortar boards and gowns? Tolkien and cronies? Those imposing dreaming spires? Maybe even Radiohead? If that’s the pus from a very shallow superficial scratch at the city’s surface, Nightmaring Spires will take you on a veritable laparascopic odyssey into its rotting cadaver. With readings about Oxford, and by those who live here, get to know this famous city a little better.

Line-up includes:

KAREN HEAD, winner of the 2010 Oxford International Women’s Festival Poetry Competition

ANNA HOBSON, author of the forthcoming Tales of Unrequited Love and one of the stars of The New Libertines

DAN HOLLOWAY, winner of Literary Death Match’s 100th anniversary episode

JOE A BRIGGS, punk, iconoclast, genius

and a host of others AND open mic

(oh, and that fabulous picture is from the cover of my Oxford-based book The Company of Fellows, and is by the fabulous Sessha Batto and her moving and storage company)

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6 Responses to Nightmaring Spires

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  2. Sadly can’t get to the Albion tomorrow even though I live less than a mile away, But we must make contact. Dan, I’ve got The Company of Fellows and it’s on my must-read list. I’m new on Kindleauthors: my first blog, if I can get it done in time, is on the 14th and when they are finally in a state to put on, the first of eleven books, both o/p and new, will be kindled. Best of luck tomorrow night.

  3. danholloway says:

    Hi Dennis! I’ll drop an e-mail. We should definitely have a chinwag. And there are plenty more events on the calendar – we have several a month, about half in Oxford. I’ll look forward to your first blog for Kindle Authors – it’s a great community to be part of. And very best with the kindling!

  4. Hi Dan. Yes, after all I will be there this evening: it looked so intriguing I couldn’t miss it. And will bring a relatively nightmarish – or at any rate, with elements if bad dream – murder mystery set in medieval Oxford

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