Not the Booker Prize

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OK, guys, you did a simply amazing job showing your love for Penny Goring’s The Zoom Zoom and getting it called in by the judges for the Guardian’s First Book Award (we now have to wait to see what they make of it). Now, if you love one of our other amazing books, please can you do your darnedest for it in the Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize.

STOP PRESS – our books are now qualified for the next round, which will commence in a fortnight. In order to vote, you need to post a 150 word review of the book, and then link back to that review from your vote. The Guardian has some problems coping with our (and other books in its database, so please, post (or paste from your Amazon/Goodreads) your reviews here (use the same e-mail you will use to set up your Guardian account so we can verify for them if necessary) and then when you vote in two weeks’ time, if they haven’t sorted things out, you can link here.

If you don’t yet know our two eligible books, here they are:

The books with the most votes from the next round will go through to the shortlist where they will be read and discussed in this widely-read forum. Let’s make it three out of three and show the world the amazingness our writers have to offer!

(Go here to see and buy all our books!)

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