Zooming Marvellous!

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You’ve probably noticed we’re in the middle of a campaign for the Not the Booker Prize. But thanks to you, our wonderful readers, a couple of weeks ago Penny Goring’s The Zoom Zoom was called in by the judges of the Guardian First Book Award. It was very exciting, and we had bated breath and tenterhooks, but in our heart of hearts with one place up for grabs on the longlist and almost a hundred books nominated, including fabulous ones like Rachel Genn’s The Cure and Ed Siegle’s The Invisibles, we did wonder if Penny’s voice was just too original, too raw.

Also, it’s poetry. Sadly, we didn’t get the one place, BUT, and it’s such a big but, we did get not one but two special mentions (only 3 out of all the books nominated did). Penny’s work is now officially, Guardian-quoted:

lively and original new voice in poetry“ and “a really energetic and raw collection of poetry and short prose”

I have to say I cried almost all the way home. For us as a press, because The Guardian have more than once point blank refused to review our books or look at our press releases, and now they’ve been forced to look by the public maybe they’ll realise that we may be different but we’re also bloody good. But most of all for Penny, the most raw, brilliant, original poet of our generation. It’s a privilege to be part of the earliest days of what we all know in our hearts is going to be a truly great career.

Click here to download from UK Kindle for just £2.10 or click here to download The Zoom Zoom from Amazon.com for $2.99

Click here to order the paperback for £8.

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7 Responses to Zooming Marvellous!

  1. Helen Smith says:

    Congratulations! I love that book, as you know – well done Penny and well done you, too, Dan.

  2. danholloway says:

    Thank you!! And thank you so much for your support for Penny and the book 🙂

  3. Penny Goring says:

    Thanks Helen! Thanks Dan! Just seen the Guardian, my email & @s! Very pleased. XXX

  4. Huge congratulations!! What a great showing for both Zoom Zoom AND Eight Cuts and all the people involved.

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