Save Afflecks

I’m from Oxford, but in the past year or so I’ve spent a lot of time in Manchester on work, and the glorious alternative universe that is Afflecks has been my refuge – a safe haven for a creative weirdo like me in a world that 99% of the time feels like a terrifying place. And, chock-full of indie magnificence, it’s a beacon of creative amazingness. We featured it here on eight cuts this time last year I love it so much. And now it would appear that the wave of thuggishness sweeping the country has claimed this wonderful oasis and with it the livelihoods of some of the most brilliant people in the creative world.

This post is a simple question – what can we as the indie community do to save Afflecks and the livelihoods of people working there? It’s too early to know what damage has been done, but let’s get our heads, our ideas, our good will and our creativity together and start thinking.

I know we at eight cuts will happily sell off our current stock of books (10 of each title) and throw in some handmade stuff to boot. And offer ideas, organisation, coordination for a benefit gig. Whatever. Bring your ideas. And anyone from Afflecks, bring your needs, and let’s see what we can match.

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